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In recent years, the development of relatively fast and practical automotive technology, you feel OK is not OK?

For everyone, you can spend a small amount of money to buy a high match, I believe that few people will refuse. In today's car, the car is getting bigger and bigger, and when the appearance is getting more and more cool, the car companies have chosen to develop in the direction of science and technology. Traditional fixed-speed cruises, single-sky windows, and even ordinary Internet-connected technologies have failed to meet the needs of consumers. To this end, the US Kelley Blue Book (KBB for short) selected the top ten most practical car technologies in 2019, to see if these practical technologies are available in the car. (The following rankings are in no particular order) 

01 ACC Adaptive Cruise System

For the ACC adaptive cruise system, everyone is no stranger. As an "advanced version" of cruise control, it differs in that it can analyze the traffic ahead in real time through the radar wave sensor added in front of the vehicle. The system will determine whether to choose acceleration or deceleration by measuring the distance from the preceding vehicle, and the owner only needs to control the direction and intervene if necessary. The emergence of this function, in high-speed and urban congested road conditions, can eliminate the need to control the throttle and brakes, greatly reducing the driver's fatigue. 

02 Lane departure warning system 

The lane departure warning system, as its name suggests, is to place the vehicle off the lane during driving, causing hidden danger to vehicles in other lanes. Of course, many cars now carry the lane keeping assist system directly. This system not only gives an alarm when it deviates from the lane (usually the steering wheel vibration + system sound), but also automatically corrects the direction. If the lane keep assist system and ACC If the adaptive cruises match each other, then the level of L2 automatic driving can be basically achieved. 

03 Automatic emergency braking system

The automatic emergency brake is referred to as AEB, which can also be called the active brake system. The big coffee has also been tested for many active brakes. The main significance of this system is that when the system detects the risk of collision, the system will sound an alarm. If the brakes are too late or the braking force is insufficient, the system will be added for emergency braking to avoid or mitigate the collision. Of course, after measuring different vehicles, the system has different degrees of induction for each car. Some models are tried by Bailing, but some cars are basically ineffective, so the owner cannot rely too much on this system. After all, sometimes Not sensitive 

04 rear blind spot monitoring system 

Whether it is a car or an SUV, they all have certain blind spots. It is often because of these blind spots that it is easy to cause unexpected accidents. For this reason, the car companies have developed this early warning system. The principle of blind spot monitoring is very simple. In addition to the tail radar, the rear blind mirror is equipped with a rear blind alarm system. If there are pedestrians or vehicles on both sides of the body, it will be highlighted at the rearview mirror. At the rear of the car, an alarm sounds. Of course, some high-end models can not only sense but also automatically brake. 

05 door opening warning system 

The principle of the door opening warning system is similar to the blind spot monitoring at the rear. This function also requires the sensor of the rear view mirror to detect the rear vehicle or pedestrian. When the vehicle is running, the rear view mirror will be highlighted; if you want to open the door, if you ignore the warning, The door will automatically lock up. 

06 360° panoramic image 

Nowadays, more and more models are equipped with the rear image function as standard. Of course, the 360° panoramic image is also slowly deployed. Compared with the traditional reversing image, the panoramic image is installed in the middle net position of the front of the car, the position of the rear license plate lamp, the lower end edge of the left rear view mirror, and the edge of the right rear view mirror, respectively, and the wide-angle camera is installed to collect images to form a panoramic image. 360° bird's-eye view of the image, so that it can more intuitively reflect the situation around the vehicle to the owner, but also can help the quick start of the reversing white.

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