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Keyssa teamed up with Nova Electronics to provide more reliable LED panels

Keyssa, a leader in high-speed contactless connection technology, and Novastar, the leading provider of LED display solutions, announced the establishment of a strategic partnership to bring Keyssa's high-speed contactless "Kiss connection technology" Combined with Nova's LED display and display control solutions. This combination provides higher LED panel connection reliability and significantly reduces installation and maintenance costs. From February 5th to 8th, 2019, Keyssa presented its display contactless connection solution at Nova's booth at the European Integrated Systems Exhibition (ISE) in Amsterdam. 

Traditionally, the display is made up of super-heavy, industrial-grade TV panels that are connected by a large number of cables,said Keyssa CEO Eric Almgren. But Nova is overturning the industry with its modular, easy-to-connect display system. Keyssa's contactless connection is part of this new wave of display design, making panels and cabinets, cabinets and cabinets Wireless, high-speed direct connections between them are more reliable than mechanical connectors and are easier to install as a whole." 

 We are redefining the worlds view of the display,said Eric Zong, vice president of strategy at Nova Electronics. Since we launched our first products in 2008, Nova's display control systems have a global market share of over 60%. We are constantly evolving as we focus on integrating the latest technological advancements into our product line. This makes it easier for integrators to install and make the final assembled display more reliable. Keyssa's contactless connection is a technical paradigm that helps balance both needs." 

Keyssa's KSS104M Kiss Connector can be safely placed inside the product's case and can transmit and receive data at extremely fast data rates up to 6 Gbps, and only requires the devices to "touch" each other for transmission. Designed to run standard communication protocols, the Kiss connector supports USB SS, DisplayPort, V-by-One®, Ethernet, and a variety of low-speed protocols, while taking up very little space (3mm x 3mm). In display applications, Keyssa is typically used for video transmission from the cabinet to the LED display panel and for control signal transmission (box to cabinet). 

Nova entered the display market in 2008 and by 2018 it gained more than 60% of the display control system market. In addition to controllers, Nova also designs and sells a range of display receiver cards, multimedia players and a variety of panel and cabinet sensors. LED panel manufacturers and system integrators can not only use Nova's technology to build modular display components that are designed not only for commercial environments, but also for small business and residential installations. 

Keyssa demonstrated display contactless connectivity at the 2019 European Integrated Systems Show (ISE) 

At the European Integrated Systems Show in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from February 5th to 8th, 2019, Keyssa demonstrated a display demonstration using Keyssa technology to transfer high-speed video from the cabinet to the LED panel.

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