High-Munich Shanghai Electronics Show launches new product line

The launch of Munich Shanghai Electronics is just around the corner, and the well-known electronics manufacturing chemicals brand Yi Ligao announced that it will launch a new product line at the show: electromagnetic shielding materials.

The role of mobile data terminals in people's daily lives is becoming more and more important. With the development of chip technology, the trend of miniaturization and ultra-thinning is very obvious. At the same time, users also require terminals to have stronger antennas and higher. Data rates and higher operating frequencies make reducing or limiting electromagnetic interference (EMI) effects an important factor in end device design. Electromagnetic shielding materials have emerged (this puts higher demands on electromagnetic shielding materials). Yiliga started the research and development of electromagnetic shielding materials from the beginning of 2016. After two years of formulation research and development, (reliability testing) and application testing, four new electromagnetic shielding materials suitable for different needs will be in March. Meet customers at the Munich Electronics Show!

Among the four new products, FIP100 and FIP110 are single-component heat-curing electromagnetic shielding adhesives, mainly for the development of related applications for telecommunication base stations, such as RRU, RRH, AAS and filters. They provide good dispensing performance and high shielding performance. The soft gasket greatly reduces the stress on the housing during installation and application, thus reducing the number of bolts used for housing fastening; FIP200 and FIP210 are One-component moisture-curing electromagnetic shielding adhesives, these two products are mainly developed for small-size dispensing (0.4mm width by 0.3mm height) applications, including mobile phones, optical module high-speed connectors and automotive-related applications. The low hardness of FIP200 allows for a low sealing force and its excellent electrical conductivity makes it a good electromagnetic shielding effect. FIP210 still provides excellent electromagnetic shielding performance after long-term aging test, and has low electrochemical corrosion and low sealing force. Its excellent performance in harsh environments makes it an excellent choice for long-term stability applications.

In addition to the new FIP product line, Yi Ligao's heavyweight products at this exhibition also have TCP400 two-component thermal gel, which is a silicone gel product that can be used in dispensing. It is very soft and used. It does not need to be cured again, it can protect the device from damage, and it has high thermal conductivity and high reliability, which is easy to apply by automation.

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