Why Should We Choose The Suction Cleaning Machine?

The needs of the development of electronic manufacturing industry:

1. component miniaturization: the rapid development of electronic industry makes components smaller and smaller. 04020201 components are more and more widely used, and smaller components will soon appear. The miniaturization of components will require placement machine corresponding to the suction nozzle to miniaturization, the cleaning nozzle is difficult, if large suction nozzle can also through alcohol wash method, fine needle hole, now the small nozzle of only a few microns diameter is thwarted the. When the blockage occurs, it has to be discarded.

2. smaller spacing: electronic equipment now requires more compact size, more powerful, so the circuit board element spacing is more and more intensive, more and more small, if the last patch slightly flat difference still will not affect too much, but it might have embarked on a neighbor's territory, resulting in improved product defect rate.

3. lead-free effect: due to the good activity of lead, if the patch has a slight deviation, it can be corrected after reflow. However, after lead free, the activity of copper is greatly weakened. If there is a deviation in the patch, there will be no chance to correct it. 4. in general, patch requires increasingly high precision, the least bit of difference, the difference may be. The design accuracy of placement machine has been quite high, but due to various factors, its performance is greatly reduced, and the suction nozzle is not clean.

Economic performance:

1. reduce the purchase cost of the suction nozzle

The discarding of the mouth is caused by a lot of dirty or related accidents. The problem can be solved fundamentally after the use of this machine. The original nozzle is expensive, mostly in more than 1000 yuan, long-term calculation, economic benefit is considerable.

2. reduce unnecessary labor

The traditional cleaning method needs a lot of manual processing. After the use of TNW-12RF, no special person is needed and all is delivered to the machine.

3. to reduce the bad rate of the product, the poor suction of the suction nozzle is not strong, it is easy to cause the occurrence of the sliding and throwing material of the component, and cause the improvement of the product's bad rate.

4. improve the production efficiency of SMT

The correct cleaning makes the nozzle work in a new state, avoiding the recognition error and greatly improving the capacity.