What Are The Important Structures Of The Screw Machine?

  The automatic lock screw machine is an important equipment in the domestic industrial tightening automation industry. The benefits it brings to the enterprise are much greater than manual tightening. Therefore, it is necessary to have a full understanding of the screw machine. It is often asked "Which part of the screw machine is the most important?” Some people say that the transport mechanism is because the screws are going in and out; others say that it is important to locate them, because if you want to accurately hit the screws, the positioning must be precise, otherwise you will miss the situation.

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However, what we want to say is that everything is important and no problem can arise anywhere. Otherwise, it is doing no use and it is inefficient. To this end we take everyone to know the role of the various parts of the automatic lock screw machine. Please see the following instructions:

   The structure of the automatic locking screw machine consists of the following four parts:

   1. Locking mechanism: It is composed of electric batch, cylinder, guide rail, etc. It is used to lock the screw;

   2. Transportation mechanism: There are two small assembly lines for the transportation of cooling fan and power box;

   3. Positioning structure: composed of special fixtures and gap dividers for precise positioning of products;

   4. Feeding mechanism: It is used for automatic screw supply. The feeding mechanism is part of the core of the automatic locking screw machine. The screw is screened and sent to the mouth in an orderly manner. This is the main task of the feeder and mainly contains functions. : incoming screening, lack of material alarm, automatic feeding, counting display, etc.

   The automatic lock screw machine can lock different specification screw at the same time, the operator only needs to put the product into the mold, and does not need to press the start button repeatedly. The machine will automatically take out the product after being locked.

   Automatic lock screw machine features:

   1. Intelligent, continuous feeding, constant torque, optional counting function, anti-leakage function, screw sliding and floating lock detection;

   2. The station is automatically connected, no need to manually transfer the workpiece, the workpiece is automatically in place, and the screw is automatically locked to automatically enter the next process;

   3. According to customer product characteristics, design special models;

   4. The best choice to improve work efficiency and productivity, and improve staff's work intensity.

   The above is some introduction to the knowledge of the screw machine, hoping to provide useful help for everyone and  the right choice of a screw machine suitable for their own enterprise products.