PCB / FPC Laser Soldering

  • Soldering machine-CWLS-W
Soldering machine-CWLS-W

Soldering machine-CWLS-W

  • Product description: Soldering machine-CWLS-W

Product Description

The product will automatically enter the welding station in tray mode - through CCD identification positioning - automatic, accurate and quantitative cutting and extracting tin wire to welding position - automatic laser welding - automatic flow into next station.

Main advantage of laser soldering technique is flexibility under precise control.

All process parameters like energy intake, spot size and control parameters are individually matched to every soldering joint, thus achieving supreme connections even under challenging conditions.

Laser soldering is often applied as selective laser soldering, to solder parts that are heat-sensitive, small or hard to access with conventional joining techniques ( reflow or wave soldering ).

With more than 13 years of experience in laser technology we support your soldering application, feel free to contact us for a profound consulting on your process.

The use of a high-brightness diode laser and laser process controller LASCON enables you to control the soldering process by whats important – the right temperature at the right time

As an alternative to welding with tin solder wire, laser soldering with soldering paste is also possible. The paste must be applied with a dispenser. Squirting is largely prevented due to an optimized temperature program.

Various points can be warmed up simultaneously or in succession using scanners

Product Features

1.The production rhythm 3S (double track) and 5S (Dan Gui) optional, yield above 98%;

2.The soldering efficiency is high, and the solder joint is especially suitable for mass production of multi solder joints and can be processed continuously without interruption;

3.The degree of automation is high, the plate is in and out, and the upper and lower working stations are seamlessly connected with each other to realize highly automatic production;

4.Completely closed structure, processing pollution-free, safe operation and use.

Technical advantages

1.The tin line is quantitatively and integrally formed without Tin splash and residual;

2.The welding effect is good, the welding spot is full and the consistency is good;

3.CCD imaging real-time observation processing;

4.The equipment has strong expansion function and is suitable for processing many 5.kinds of complicated processing parts;

6.The processing program can be edited and easy to operate.

Application Field

Suitable for VCM motor coil welding, flexible circuit board FPC or rigid circuit board PCB welding, high precision liquid crystal screen, LCD welding and other fields.

Product Parameter

Feeding Mode

On board or out of orbit

Laser parameters

Power: 10-20W optional

Wave Length: 1070± 5nm

Mode: Continuous

Tin Wire Specification


Control Mode

PLC Motion+PC Image Processing

Mechanical Repeat ability Accuracy


Visual Positioning System

CCD:5Million Pixels



Outline Size


Disk Size


Host Weight


Power Waste


Power Supply

Single Phase 220V 15A

Compressed Gas


Sample Introduction