V Cut PCB Separator

  • V Groove PCB Depanelizer Machine High Speed Steel Automatic Type
V Groove PCB Depanelizer Machine High Speed Steel Automatic Type

V Groove PCB Depanelizer Machine High Speed Steel Automatic Type

  • Product description: V Groove PCB Depanelizer Machine High Speed Steel Automatic Type


Number Of Blades:

9 blades

Max Cutting Length:


Standard Plug-in Platform Length:


Standard Light Bar Platform Length:




Cutting Wide:


Cutting Thickness:


Plug-in Platform Machine dimensions(mm)


Light Table Platform Overall Dimensions(mm)






1. Can be cut 9 PCB s at same time V cut lines are not deformed and fast speed

2. Each up and down with 1 blade , standard 9 group at the same time cutting ,I improve efficiency

3. Each machine face and back with a conveyor and could freedom to adjust altitude  ,easy to operate

4. Minimize the internal stress generated when cutting the board to avoid cracking

5. Suitable for all PCBs with V-CUT

6. Up and down round knife can be adjusted accurately and can be repeated over and over again

Our best service

1. Engineers available to service machinery oversea.
Engineers are available to be sent to foreign countries to do machinery training and offer technical support.

2. One year warranty for the machines except accessories.
Robust frame construction and Japanese steel blades obtained good appraise and recognized by and oversea clients. We offer parts for replacement under warranty free of charge, clients only need to bear freight charge.

3. Effective customer service.
All of us together are stronger and wiser than any one of us individually. To succeed, we must assume responsibility, cooperate with fellow associates and with departments, effectively communicate with one another, foster enthusiasm and participate in decision-making. To be sea reachable by customers and provide prompt replies to solve their problems and create value for customers

4. Mature technique & forerunner to process makes high quality machinery.

As largest manufactory in South China, we have 12 years’ experience on PCB separator machines and soldering machines. Pub router machine

Our R&D team continuously upgrade the existing machines to meet the market development trend


1. - I see according to the specification there may be up to 1000 files. How many joints can we have per file? I need to know the programing limitation of the machine.

R: No limit on the joints per each program. More than 1000 files.

2. - Can you send me user manual of the robot? I need to see the programing abilities. I need to know every parameter we can set for every joint.

R: We will offer the instruction manual when delivery, don't worry about that.
3. - Also where are stored the programs - in the robot or in memory card?

R: The programs are stored in the robot.
4. - What is the teaching pedant for besides programing? Can I copy soldering programs to another robot CWDH-411?

R: Yes, program can be copied from 1 robot to another robot.

In generally, each PCB has 1 program with hundreds of joints.

There are total 144M storage, 100000 joints take 3M.

If there are 1000 joints per each program, the robot could store 4800 files.

5. - Is it possible to start the program from particular joint (not from the beginning but for example from 5th joint)?

R: Yes, you could start from particular joint.
6. - Is it possible to execute only one joint?

R: Yes, it is OK.
7. - Is it possible to set X, Y, Z offset for every joint? What I mean is if the soldering tip can be set in the way it comes into the joint under some angle?

R: Yes, you could set offset, solder paste capacity, soldering time for every joint.
8. - Is it possible to set the tip to come out from the joint under angle as well?

R: Yes, no problem.
9. - Can I set feeding/backing speed for every joint?

R: Yes, you could set the soldering time for every joint.
10. - I didn't see how much power is the soldering heater (I can only see the total machine is 2300Watts)?

R: It is 150W.
11. - Also what is so powerful in the robot so it is 2300 watts? Our current robot is 600 Watts total power and it is almost the same. The soldering tip is 400 Watts and it has PC inside. So I expect the motors to be no more 150 Watts totally. But here we have 2300 Watts? I am just curious what is so powerful?

R: The machine is total 750W, including the soldering heater 150W.
12. - Do we need air for the machine and if so how much?

R: Yes, need air. In generally, it works by 2-3 kg/c. Do you have an air pump in your factory? If yes, it is enough, because standard industrial air pump has 6-7 kg/c.
13. - Also do you have soldering tip like below (this is what we use right now)?

R: Yes, we could custom make according to your soldering requirements based on your PCB if we don't have exciting tips.

14. - I forgot to ask you also if it is possible to program arrays with the robot.

R: Yes, it is ok to program arrays.

15.-What is the speed for x-y movement?

R: X/Y axis is 600mm/s, max speed for Z axis is 400mm/s