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  • SMT coating machine,CWDM
SMT coating machine,CWDM

SMT coating machine,CWDM

  • Product description: SMT coating machine,CWDM

SMT Coating Machine,CWDM Specification:




Processing range X * Y1 * Y2 * Z (mm)

600 * 400 * 400 * 200

Maximum Load

Y / 10kg; Z / 5kg

Moving speed (mm / s)

0.1 ~500

Repeat ability (mm / Axis)

± 0.03

Display method

Holding a teaching pendant

Motor system

High Precision Micro stepping Motor + Driver

Transfer method

Timing belt + rail

Motion interpolation function

3 axis (3D stereo space can be any route)

Edit mode

Hand-held teaching pager / PC operation

External interface


Input power

Full voltage AC220V 50 / 60HZ

Working temperature

Working environment humidity

10-40 ° C

20-90% no condensation

Dimensions W * D * H (mm)

560 * 500 * 596





Speakers, voice coil, motor, bearings, watches, bald, energy-saving lamps, end caps and other circular or curved products dispensing occasions.

Applicable Dispensing Material

Solder paste, silver paste, yellow plastic, UV curing adhesive, lubricants, epoxy resin, fast curing adhesive, silicone resin and other materials.