SMT Inspection AOI

  •  AOI Automated optical inspection (AOI) SMT process,CW-Z6
 AOI Automated optical inspection (AOI) SMT process,CW-Z6

AOI Automated optical inspection (AOI) SMT process,CW-Z6

  • Product description: Automated optical inspection (AOI) SMT process,CW-Z6

1.AOI (automatic Optic Inspection) in SMT,CW-Z6 Feature:

High-Precision,Digital&High-distinguish ability color camera, to achieve output the high quality images

3-conveyor sectional type design, increase the function of machines to board eccectively reduce the time of move the PCB ,promote the detection cycle time

Personalization operate design, can compatible let the stand  & sit work patted

Omnibus software algorithms and images analysis technics are the strong

Induction CAD import to achieve component standard automatic chaining to achieve programming automation

Camera barcode automatic identification, good tracking the quality analysis of products

Panel several mark recognition and automatic shield of bad mark

Professional function of OCR/OCV characters identification

More AOI center manage system to achieved reduction in manpower

Strong SPC analyses soft helped to achieve quality control and complete

2. AOI (automatic Optic Inspection) in SMT,CW-Z6 Specification:

Recognition system


Using multiple algorithms synthetically such as WIDM,color image contrast technology, color extracting technology,similarity,two-value handing technology,OCR/OCV,solder ball inspection,PTHanalysis etc.


Distal and high speed clock camera:20um(15um.12um.10um for option)


Ring tower structure, high intensity RGB flash lamp-house



Image process


0201 Chip


Per-image time


Inspection Items

Paste Printing Defects

Missing,Misaligned,overflow,insufficient,asting open, stain

Component Defects

Missing,misaligned,skewed,tombstone,billboard,overturned,reversed polarity,wrog,damaged

Solder Defats

Overflow,insufficient,short solder, stain

Mechanism system

PCB conveyor

PCB fixing: Bottom up,PCB warp correction Automatic PCB loading and unloading

Adjustable clearance, conforming SMEMA standard Orbit clearance:900±20mm

Conveyor Design

Three section rail designs, add waiting function, reduce the distance of movement, and promote the cycle time

PCB size



PCB thickness


PCB Warp Tolerance


Component Clearance

OP≤25mm, BOT≤25mm




AC server



Moving Speed


Soft system

Operation system

Controlling Recognizing


Set template images realtime,count data and error gate value automatically, Three marks correction, input CAD data locate the templates automatically, the operator can combine algorithms according to the requirement


Graphic programming, Chinese English

Offline Programming

Offline programming and offline debugging


NG adaptable, check and correct PCBA defects at repair station


Machine Dimensions




Power supply

AC220V 10% single phase 5a 50/60HZ,power consumption 1000w

Air supply

4-6 bar

Working Environment

Imperator 10-40, 30-80%RH

3.AOI (automatic Optic Inspection) in SMT,CW-Z6 Service:

Since the equipment acceptance,one-yearwarranty and lifetime maintenance,

Customer service 24 hours to respond to customer demands, and response immediately,

Free lifetime software upgrades, to ensure the latest software and perfect features,

Occasional on the phone or on-sit customer visits, and timely communication with customers to improve the related issues,

According to the customers demads,we can offer customer’s technician training in our headquarters our company can arrange accommodation and other related matters.

4.High-Precision Pcb Solder Paste Aoi CE Approval: